A Modified Approach to the Rack Generation of Beveloid Gears


  • Berat Gürcan Şentürk Dogus University, Turkey
  • Mahmut Cüneyt Fetvacı İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa, Turkey




beveloid gears, mathematical modelling, rack-type cutters, parametric modelling, involute profile


The purpose of this paper is to present an easier and more efficient method for the determination of the geometry of a bevelled gear tooth. Based on a method that provides an easier way for the rack generation of involute helical gears, the mathematical model of a beveloid gear is studied. The mathematical procedure for developing two-dimensional cross-sections has been extended to three-dimensional gear models. A computer programme is developed to obtain generating and generated surfaces. The proposed algorithm is compared with the previous studies for verification and validation. The results demonstrate that the coordinates obtained from the given method are nearly the same on the start and end points of the main gear parts, such as the involute and root fillets regions. Also, between the limits, the values can be considered acceptable. A coordinate deviation of the gear profile has been observed in the mathematical model, because of the profile shift. Modifications have been developed in the equations to eliminate these cases. The main advantage of the proposed method is to obtain mathematical models without carrying out some of the calculation steps used in previous studies. Eventually, this feature will provide an easier and faster method to develop computer-aided models of the beveloid gear types.


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Şentürk, B. G., & Fetvacı, M. C. (2024). A Modified Approach to the Rack Generation of Beveloid Gears. Strojniški Vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 70(1-2), 80–91. https://doi.org/10.5545/sv-jme.2023.722