The Dynamics of Tapered-roller Bearings – A Bottom-up Validation Study


  • Matej Razpotnik University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechnical Engineering, Slovenia
  • Thomas Bischof ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany
  • Miha Boltežar University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovenia



dynamic bearing model, tapered-roller bearing, bearing stiffness matrix, vibration transmission


Rolling-element bearings are one of the most important elements when predicting the noise of rotating machinery. As a major connecting point between the rotating and non-rotating parts, their dynamic properties have to be accurately known. In this investigation we present a bottom-up approach to characterising the dynamics of the rolling-element bearing. A special test device was designed and built to assess the quality of the well-established analytical modelling approach of Lim and Singh. Two types of bearings were tested, i.e., the ball and tapered-roller types. The dynamic properties were observed by investigating the frequency-response functions. In addition, non-rotating as well as rotating test scenarios were checked. It was shown that the ball bearing model adequately predicts the system’s response, whereas the tapered-roller bearing model requires modifications. These results were further confirmed with a quasi-static load-displacement numerical evaluation, where a full finite-element model serves as the reference.


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Razpotnik, M., Bischof, T., & Boltežar, M. (2023). The Dynamics of Tapered-roller Bearings – A Bottom-up Validation Study. Strojniški Vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 69(7-8), 289–298.